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Tips Before Buying your First Drone - Drone Psychos
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Tips Before Buying your First Drone

It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! No. It’s a drone! You have have noticed these things flying in your neighborhood or has seen a images/videos shot by one. If you are interested in buying your first drone, here are a few tips before buying your first drone.

Drones are really cool gadgets but there are a lot of things you really need to keep in mind before purchasing your first drone to avoid any issues to you or cause any inconvenience to other people or worse, damaging properties with your drone.

Tips Before Buying your First Drone
Tips Before Buying your First Drone

Tips before buying your first drone:

  1. There are other brands out there – If you talk about drones to other people, they would automatically tell you about the DJI Phantom drones as if its the only brand that exists. DJI holds the major share of the drone industry, but there are other credible players too which has awesome drones too. The Typhoon Q5004k by Yuneec, 3DR Solo by 3DR Robotics, Xiaomi Mi Drone, GoPro Karma to name a few.
  2. Know what you want – This is really important so you won’t regret purchasing your first drone moving forward. When I was searching for a drone, I was also looking for a gimbal or a stabilized ground camera like the DJI Osmo. I found the ActionCam sold by Yuneec, then found out that the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K came with the grip. So it was the deal-breaker for me.
  3. Get your Wallet ready – Drones are pretty pricey gadgets and spending for it does not end on your first purchase. You may need extra propellers, batteries and others as well. Also, drones fly if you have not heard, so anything that flies without being tethered means it will possibly fall anytime while you are flying. Repairs that are not covered by warranty/insurance could get pricey too.
  4. Don’t be a douche. Respect drone rules/laws – The current drone rules are to regulate drone users but some of the rules are strictly implemented on some areas because other drone owners just can’t follow the rules. A typical cause-and-effect.
  5. Be ready for “No-Fly Zones”  – You might be thinking you can fly anywhere once you have bought your first drone, and I hate to burst your bubble but you can’t. What most current drone owners hate are the NFZs or “No-Fly Zones” and they are there for a reason. Most common NFZs are airports and up to 10km radius of it. Most new drones automatically disarms the motor so you can’t fly it once inside the NFZ. You can disable GPS from the drone, but this will spell disaster specially if you are not an experienced pilot. As we said in item #3, Don’t be a douche. Respect drone rules/laws.

Now that you’ve read our tips before buying your first Drone, purchase that drone and happy flying!

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