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GoPro Karma: The DJI Phantom Killer? - Drone Psychos
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GoPro Karma: The DJI Phantom Killer?

A few days ago, after much anticipation, GoPro has announced their first venture into the drone industry by introducing the GoPro Karma.

The announcement of GoPro’s first drone, the GoPro Karma got everyone really excited, specially with GoPro having such a huge following. The other drone companies? They could possibly be on their toes, specially DJI who has dominated the drone market for the past years.

GoPro Karma
GoPro’s First Drone: The GoPro Karma

To give a short backstory to spice up the drone announcement – DJI and GoPro was supposed to partner for a drone but the deal fell part for reasons we do not really know.

GoPro decided to push through with their plans in building their own drone, and voila! The lovely GoPro Karma drone is born.

For now, we are left to speculate as to what’s the Karma’s Edge over DJI’s current flagship the Phamtom 4K since the actual release of the drone is only until October 2016, but based on reviews by a few lucky individuals like Casey Neistat that tested the GoPro, it looks really promising.

Casey Neistat’s fresh review of the GoPro Karma:

If it’s true that the GoPro Karma has 1K range, that’s a really good selling point. The better selling point though is having the 3-axis gimbal that comes with the Drone.

For some who doesn’t know, it looks like GoPro took pages off Yuneec’s books as well because unlike the Phantom 4K, the Yuneec 500+ 4K drone comes with a SteadyGrip that comes with the drone, so you can remove the camera and the gimbal from the drone and put it on the grip, just like the GoPro Karma. This way, you have 2 modules, a Ground Station and a Drone which the Phantom 4K does not have as DJI sells the DJI Osmo as a separate gadget to their drones.

Yuneec’s move may not have scared off DJI due to their fanbase, but with GoPro moving in that direction, it would be interesting to see what DJI does in the coming months.

For now, we will be left to speculate until we can get our hands on the GoPro Karma personally. Will it possibly be the DJI Phantom Killer that we’ve been waiting for? We’ll see.


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