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Drone Fishing For Tuna - Drone Psychos
Drone Fishing For TunaDrone Articles 

Drone Fishing For Tuna

First, there was Dronesurfing. Every drone users are now thinking of ingenious ways to use their drones and Youtube user Jaiden Maclean his Drone fishing for Tuna.

From the video, it looks like they used the drone to carry and drop the bait to where the Tunas were eating. They designed a special tether on the bait to the drone that snapped took a bite of the bait. I am hoping they’d release the Drone Fishing release mechanism soon so other brave drone users can try drone fishing too.

I am a brave drone user, but my wallet is not ready to spend for a new drone in case something happens while drone fishing, so I’ll stick to watching the lovely video.

Drone Fishing For Tuna video:

For others owners you want so to try Drone Fishing for Tuna, it is best to wait for the Fishing release mechanism to be released, but if you have an idea on how to do it, with love to know too.

There are a few videos on Youtube where a number of users have tried drone fishing but ended up losing their drones. So again, if you want to try it, make sure your Fishing release mechanism works or better yet, have your wallet ready.

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