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Drones Drone Articles Featured Article 

What is a drone?

You may have heard about it before from a friend, or from the news and in this article, we will discuss what ‘drone’ really means. What exactly is a Drone? When hear the word ‘drone’ before, we automatically associate it with the military or any spy gadget maybe. A scary but cool-looking unmanned aerial vehicle that can fly thousands of miles ready to drop bombs or equipped with cameras for surveillance (like what was used on the 2015 movie ‘Eye in the Sky’). Times have changed, as now, we use…

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DJI Mavic Leaked Pictures DJI Drone Articles Drone Brands Featured Article 

DJI Mavic Information – Ready to Battle the GoPro Karma

You have heard of GoPro Karma’s release, and possibly pissed your pants because of it. “GoPro Karma – The DJI Killer” as some dubbed it to be, but DJI is not ready to surrender their hold of the drone industry as the DJI Mavic’s ready to battle with the GoPro Karma. Here are some DJI Mavic Information from the recently released DJI Teaser video. In just a few days, DJI is ready to announce to the world their new creation, the DJI Mavic, and look what just popped up? Recently,…

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Drone Fishing For Tuna Drone Articles 

Drone Fishing For Tuna

First, there was Dronesurfing. Every drone users are now thinking of ingenious ways to use their drones and Youtube user Jaiden Maclean his Drone fishing for Tuna. From the video, it looks like they used the drone to carry and drop the bait to where the Tunas were eating. They designed a special tether on the bait to the drone that snapped took a bite of the bait. I am hoping they’d release the Drone Fishing release mechanism soon so other brave drone users can try drone fishing too. I…

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Tips Before Buying your First Drone Drone Articles Drone Guides Featured Article 

Tips Before Buying your First Drone

It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! No. It’s a drone! You have have noticed these things flying in your neighborhood or has seen a images/videos shot by one. If you are interested in buying your first drone, here are a few tips before buying your first drone. Drones are really cool gadgets but there are a lot of things you really need to keep in mind before purchasing your first drone to avoid any issues to you or cause any inconvenience to other people or worse, damaging properties with your…

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Dronesurfing Drone Articles Featured Article Videos 

Awesome Dronesurfing Could be the Future

Washington-based drone manufacturers ‘Freefly Systems’ just invented dronesurfing and it looks amazing! The drone used in towing the surfer is the model ALTA 8 by FreeFly Systems. You can buy one at around $18,000. Here’s the Dronesurfing Video: Posted by Drone Psychos on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 With that hefty price tag, Dronesurfing looks to be one really expensive hobby to be in. Don’t even think about strapping in your Phantom or Yuneec 4K to try this, even the just-released GoPro Karma is not designed for this kind of load.…

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GoPro Karma Drone Articles Drone Brands Drone Reviews Featured Article GoPro 

GoPro Karma: The DJI Phantom Killer?

A few days ago, after much anticipation, GoPro has announced their first venture into the drone industry by introducing the GoPro Karma. The announcement of GoPro’s first drone, the GoPro Karma got everyone really excited, specially with GoPro having such a huge following. The other drone companies? They could possibly be on their toes, specially DJI who has dominated the drone market for the past years. To give a short backstory to spice up the drone announcement – DJI and GoPro was supposed to partner for a drone but the…

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